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Founded in 1993 at the request of the Democratic National Committee by Italian American leaders of the Clinton/Gore campaign, the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council has:

  • Raised and contributed campaign funds to Italian American Democratic candidates for Congress and major statewide candidates in every election cycle
  • Organized Italian American outreach for each presidential ticket -- Clinton/Gore (1992, 1996), Gore/Lieberman (2000), Kerry/Edwards (2004), Obama/Biden (2008, 2012), Clinton/Kaine (2016).
  • Promoted the appointment of Italian Americans within the Clinton and Obama Administrations, from Cabinet positions, judgeships, and ambassadorships to staff jobs and part-time boards and commissions
  • Recruited young Italian American Democrats to participate in campaigns, party-building activities, and public service
  • Helped found the National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council within the Democratic National Committee in the mid-1990’s and has participated in its leadership since.
  • Supported Representative Nancy Pelosi's efforts to become the first Italian American Speaker of the US House of Representatives
  • Hosted receptions for Italian American delegates to each Democratic National Convention from 1996-2012, for Italian Americans attending President Clinton's 1996 and President Obama's inaugurations, and in Washington, DC and around the country.


Leader Nancy Pelosi and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
IADLC's Festa Italiana • 2016 Democratic National Convention

Obama's Campaign Manager, Jim Messina, receiving the Italian American Democrat of the Year award at the IADLC Inaugural 2013 celebration.