"I'm particularly proud to be the first Italian American Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. One of my strongest supporters, both in promoting Italian Americans to leadership positions and electing Italian American Democrats to Congress, has always been the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council."

-- Leader 
Nancy Pelosi

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2020: The year we put an Italian American 
in the White House.
Jill Giacoppa Biden

And her husband, Joe.

Jill's story is our story. Her great grandfather came to America from Sicily, and his name Giacoppa was changed at Ellis Island. But he didn't change his heritage or his values and neither has Jill. And Joe had the good sense to marry her. Click here for Jill Giacoppa Biden's story.

But there's more! 

Only one Irish American Vice President has won
 Sons of Italy Foundation Award. 
Joe Biden. 

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