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Re-Electing Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the 56th governor of New York, serving since 2011. Andrew Mark Cuomo was born in New York City on December 6, 1957, the son of Italian immigrants. Since taking over the New York governorship, he is known for focusing on LGBT rights, including marriage equality; women's rights; and economic stimulus in New York State, among several other issues. Governor Cuomo has added 440,000 private sector jobs to the economy, he invested $147 billion in state-wide projects including rebuilding the Tappan Zee bridge as the New NY Bridge. He increased education funding by $2.9 billion and also has enacted one of the toughest gun control campaigns in the United States, the SAFE Act.

New York's Gubernatorial election is on November 4th, 2014.
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