Felecia Rotellini for Arizona Attorney General
Election Day: November 4, 2014

The daughter of first generation Americans, Felecia’s Italian heritage has always mattered a tremendous deal to her and has greatly informed her commitment to public service. Her grandfather, Frank Rotellini, emigrated from Abruzzi, Italy in the early 1900s in order to make a name for himself so he could marry Felecia’s grandmother, Paudilla Farella. They had five sons: Felecia’s father Anselmo Anthony, along with Angelo, Arnesto, Adeljesia, and Augustino. They eventually settled in northeastern Wyoming because it reminded them of Abruzzi. Felecia’s family has remained there ever since and she grew up surrounded by her relatives in an Italian neighborhood until college. After graduating from Notre Dame Law school, she moved to Phoenix to begin her career in the Attorney General’s office and has made Arizona her home ever since.  

Felecia has dedicated her law career to serving the best interests of the people of Arizona.   In 1999, she led an investigation into a complex Ponzi scheme and returned $217 million to investors who had been cheated. In 2006, Governor Napolitano appointed Felecia as Superintendent of the State Banking Department, now the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). She formed the Mortgage Fraud Task Force that fought to protect consumers from the developing home mortgage crisis. Later, she was invited to join an FBI task force to further combat financial crimes—the first time a state regulator has been invited to do so.

Felecia ran for Arizona Attorney General in 2010 and was the top Democratic vote getter before being narrowly defeated by Republican Tom Horne. 

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