Contact: Arthur Gajarsa, Chair

IADLC ENDORSES Eugene DePasquale as Pennsylvania’s Auditor General for a 2nd Term

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), announces their endorsement of Eugene DePasquale as Pennsylvania’s Auditor General. For more than twenty years, the IADLC have been the national voice of Italian Americans supporting candidates for Congress and major statewide offices, reaching out to Italian American voters for our presidential candidates, and promoting the appointment of Italian Americans at the national level.

Both sides of Eugene DePasquale's family came over from the Umbria region of Italy in the early 1900s. His mother's family, the Diodatis’ settled in South Philadelphia and DePasquales in Pittsburgh, in the Panther Hollow neighborhood of Oakland, where his great grandfather sold insurance.

DePasquale's paternal grandfather served on Pittsburgh City Council, where he served as president in the 1980s. Previously he was a foreman at a construction company, and the president of the usher's union at Forbes Field. DePasquale's paternal grandmother worked in the Pittsburgh public school system.

DePasquale's maternal grandmother served as a nurse and was from a Newcome family from Ohio, and his maternal grandfather served as a doctor during the Korean War and continued to practice medicine afterwards.


Eugene A. DePasquale was the first state or county official of Italian-American descent to serve from York County, Pennsylvania. DePasquale became Pennsylvania's 51st Auditor General on January 15, 2013.

DePasquale served as Chair of the York County Democratic Party from 1998 to 2002.  Furthermore, in 2007 he joined the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 95th District until 2013. In 2012, he ran simultaneously for auditor and re-election to the House. He won both races. He chose to concentrate on the Auditor’s Office and there followed On May 21, 2013, by special legislative election, fellow Democrat Kevin Schreiber who won the special election to replace DePasquale in the House.

One of the recent audits that should be highlighted are the audit of nursing homes across the state that discovered the previous Republican administration had barred anonymous complaints from healthcare workers regarding issues in the nursing homes. Another important audit was the recently released Childline child abuse hotline report. This report found that the program had left 42,000 calls unanswered to the hotline which Auditor General DePasquale found unacceptable and has worked to gain the funding in the department to make sure calls are answered moving forward.

The IADLC has been the national voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, organizing outreach to Italian American voters in targeted states, making sure Italian Americans are included in campaign efforts, and recruiting leading Italian Americans to the Democratic ticket. To learn more about the IADLC visit