Contact: Arthur Gajarsa, Chair


WASHINGTON, DC - The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), announces their endorsement of Bryan Caforio in California’s 25th Congressional District. For more than twenty years, the IADLC have been the national voice of Italian Americans supporting candidates for Congress and major statewide offices, reaching out to Italian American voters for our presidential candidates, and promoting the appointment of Italian Americans at the national level.

Caforio’s great grandfather James R. Caforio left Bari, Italy, when he was 16. He travelled to New York where he started working as an apprentice with a tailor and learned English at the local soda fountain. Caforio’s father, Lucien Rocco Caforio, was born in Rhode Island in 1921. Grandpa Caforio moved his family to Bell, California, in the early 1920s and opened his tailor shop in Los Angeles. He also founded the Giuseppe Garibaldi Sons of Italy Lodge in Bell, and became the Grand Venerable of the Sons of Italy in America.

After Caforio graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2005, his girlfriend (now wife) and he traveled to Italy, and visited Bari, Italy, in order to see where the Caforio family hailed from. Caforio later attended Yale Law School, where he assisted in representing tenants in need. After graduating Caforio started his career by going into public service and working for a United States federal judge. More recently, Caforio has practiced as an attorney in Southern California, where he has successfully taken on some of the largest banks in the world.

According to the DCCC, California’s 25th Congressional District includes districts "where campaigns are on track and working hard to put seats in place” highlighting the importance of this race.California's 25th Congressional District is considered a battleground district and Caforio is challenging a Republican incumbent seeking re-election to his second term. Earlier this year Caforio was added to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Emerging Races program on April 8. Emerging Races is the second tier of the Red to Blue program.

The IADLC has been the national voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party., organizing outreach to Italian American voters in targeted states, making sure Italian Americans are included in campaign efforts, and recruiting leading Italian Americans to the Democratic ticket. To learn more about the IADLC visit

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