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posted Jan 5, 2016, 12:07 PM by Italian American Democratic Leadership Council   [ updated Dec 9, 2020, 10:42 AM ]

Arthur Gajarsa, IADLC Chair


The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the national voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, announced their endorsement of Dave Calone for Congress in New York’s 1st Congressional District.

"Dave Calone epitomizes all the values of the Italian American community," says IADLC Chair Arthur Gajarsa. "We are proud to endorse a candidate who exemplifies the best opportunity to develop policies which serve the people of New York. His experience building high-tech businesses gives him the expertise we need in Congress to help develop the next generation of good paying jobs for New Yorkers."

Calone is a Long Island businessman, a former federal prosecutor and the former Chair of the Suffolk County Planning Commission.

Italian Family History

Calone’s grandmother and paternal grandparents immigrated to the US from Italy. His grandparents owned and operated an Italian Delicatessen and Italian Sausage Company, C and C Provisions. They spent their summers on Long Island, part of the Congressional District Calone is hoping to represent.

Dave was born and raised in Eastern Suffolk County, NY by his mother, a public school teacher, and father, an engineer. His family taught him the value of working hard and pursuing an education. When Dave was ready to attend college, the Italian American Club awarded him a scholarship to Princeton University. He then went on to attend and graduate from Harvard Law School and become a federal prosecutor, where he worked on cases related to international crime and terrorism.

It is important to Calone to pass along his Italian heritage to his children.

Calone for Congress

Dave Calone was recently named a 2015 Truman National Security Fellow for his efforts in fighting international crime. His work building small businesses and start-ups led him to develop the Long Island Emerging Technologies Fund, which has enabled the development of high-tech companies in the Long Island area. He also helped launch a non-profit organization to assist our military service men and women in creating their own businesses, and he worked at the United Way to help provide under-served schools and students with much needed Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.

As the Suffolk County Planning Commission Chair, Calone spearheaded the development of the first comprehensive plan for Suffolk County in over 40 years and was nationally-recognized for his work to streamline government, promote renewable energy and protect Suffolk County’s environment.

In Congress, Calone will put his impressive experience to use for his constituents.

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