IADLC Endorses Dr. John LaFerla for Congress in MD-1

Bob Blancato, IADLC Chair
IADLC Endorses Dr. John LaFerla
for Congress in MD-1
Italian American Dr. John LaFerla will bring a unique perspective to Congress and be a great advocate for Maryland’s eastern shore

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses John LaFerla in his campaign to the U.S. House of Representatives in Maryland’s 1st district.
Deep Roots in Sicily

John’s father, Salvatore LaFerla, was the first to be born in the United States after his family emigrated from southeastern Siciliy. John’s grandfather grandfather and namesake, Giovanni LaFerla, was a stonemason in Grammichele, Catania Province and his grandmother, Carmela Ialuna, was a seamstress from Mineo, in Siracusa Province. John’s Italian roots have always mattered a great deal to him. During a visit to Rome in 1970's a local person was surprised to learn that John was an American and not fluent in Italian since she said "everyone knows the LaFerla's are all from Sicily." He has since traveled to Sicily and found his family’s ancestral home, a small village called Ferla in the mountains of southeastern Sicily.
Uniquely Qualified
John’s immigrant background instilled strong values of integrity and hard work in him that he carries to this day. Upon graduating medical school, John worked for two decades as a medical researcher and teacher. John now runs a successful practice in Chestertown and has delivered nearly 800 babies while treating patients across the area. As a medical professional and as a small business owner, John has a deeper understanding of the healthcare system than most and is uniquely qualified to make needed improvements to Obamacare, ensuring healthcare access and affordability without over regulating our small businesses. 
Understands the Issues
John understands the issues that matter most to the people of Maryland’s 1st District and is ready to fight to get things done in Washington:
Economy & Jobs: John believes that the best ways to stimulate the economy and to create jobs is through the development of a stronger infrastructure, more accessible education, and an environment in which entrepreneurship can be fostered. He supports targeted tax cuts to lower the tax burden on middle class, working families to stimulate the economy by increasing consumer spending.
Education: John knows that bettering America’s educational system is the only way to remain competitive in an ever expanding global marketplace. He supports the expansion of Head Start and similar pre-school students and making college affordable. He also understands that not all students are aiming for college, and supports the expansion of skilled-based learning that partners with local businesses to prepare them for the adult world.
Environment: John knows that confronting climate change may the most crucial issue of our generation. He supports a shift towards renewable energy sources and vast improvement of our US energy grid. The Chesapeake Bay must be restored and protected and John already has the support of area leaders so that they may work together to improve water quality, restore animal & wildlife populations, and reduce pollutants and waste.
About the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council
The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council is confident that John LaFerla will do great work in the US House and as an advocate for the people of Maryland’s eastern shore.
Visit http://www.johnlaferla.com/to learn more about John and his campaign to represent Maryland’s 1st district in the US House.
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