IADLC Endorses Rep. Dan Maffei for Congress in NY-24



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IADLC Endorses Rep. Dan Maffei

for Congress in NY-24


Italian American Congressman Dan Maffei will continue to do great work in representing Central New York’s interests in Washington

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses Dan Maffei in his reelection campaign to the U.S. House of Representatives in New York’s 24th district.

Family from Naples

Rep. Dan Maffei is very proud of his Italian heritage.  Both of Dan's grandfathers were born in Italy.  His paternal grandfather was from a small town outside of Naples, where Dan still has family today.  His maternal grandfather came to the United States right before World War II and received his citizenship shortly after.  His son founded Central Plating Co. in Syracuse.  Since the early 1900s, the Maffei family has worked in factories, owned small businesses, served the community as educators, and worked in the area as social workers. Additionally, Dan lived outside of Florence as a child while his father taught at a local University.  He remains involved in the local Italian American community and is a member of the Italian American Athletic Club in Syracuse.

Advocate for the People of Central New York

Dan grew up on Allen Street and Scottholm Terrace in Syracuse’s 17th Ward. Before being elected to his second term in Congress, Dan worked in an area investment firm and taught at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Syracuse has always been Dan’s home and thus he has been a strong advocate for the people of Wayne County, Cayuga County, and Onondaga County by prioritizing the issues that matter to them. For example,

·         Jobs: Dan has worked tirelessly to close corporate tax loopholes that ship jobs overseas while expanding initiatives to improve job training programs that provide workers and veterans with the skills they need to succeed in an ever changing economy.

·         Education: Dan sponsored a House bill that would create a new federal-state partnership to expand pre-K programs to serve more children as he realizes that education is one of the best tools in combating inequality and poverty. He also has voted to reauthorize school aid programs such as Pell Grants, the Federal-Work Study program, Perkins Loans and the TRIO programs to help low income and middle class students to succeed in higher education.

·         Veteran Services: Dan’s office helped return $1.5 million in veteran’s benefits to Central New Yorkers through constituent casework in 2013 alone. He has also introduced the Military Retirement Restoration Act that would repeal cuts to cost-of-living adjustments for working-age military retirees.


About the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council is confident that Dan Maffei will continue his great work as a leader in the US House and as an advocate for the people of New York.

Visit http://www.maffeiforcongress.com/splash to learn more about Dan and his reelection campaign to represent New York’s 24th district in the US House.

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