IADLC Endorses Mary Landrieu for U.S. Senate from Louisiana

Bob Blancato, IADLC Chair
IADLC Endorses Mary Landrieu
for U.S. Senate from Louisiana
Italian American Senator Mary Landrieu would continue her fight in rebuilding Louisiana and keeping the state blue

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses Mary Landrieu in her reelection campaign to the U.S. Senate representing Louisiana.
Family from Sicily
Senator Mary Landrieu is Italian on her mother side and her family was among the large wave of Sicilian immigrants that came to Louisiana during the nineteenth century. Her mother, Verna Satterlee Landrieu, was the daughter of Kent Satterlee and Olga Helen Macheca. Mary has been repeatedly highlighted by the Order Sons of Italy in America as the first woman of Italian-American heritage to become a United States Senator.
Experienced Public Servant
Mary has been fighting and winning for Louisiana since she was first elected to the Louisiana state legislature at the age of 23. After serving eight years as a state representative and two terms as State Treasurer, in 1996 she was elected to the U.S. Senate. She now chairs the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, the Senate's Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, and serves on the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
Committed to the People of Louisiana
Mary’s key leadership positions in the US Senate have allowed her to successfully advocate for and protect the interests of the people Louisiana and the nation at large:
  • Secured countless jobs & funds to encourage economic growth throughout Louisiana. In 2009, she received the Federal Leadership in Economic Development Award for her efforts in promoting successful entrepreneurship.  In 2012 she supported the transportation bill that provided over $700 million to Louisiana to build roads, bridges, and critical infrastructure.

  • Created numerous policies and established provisions to help communities & families rebuild in the face of the devastating hurricanes, oil spill, and flooding of the Mississippi. Mary has led the charge to pass bipartisan, comprehensive flood insurance to protect the nearly 500,000 families and business in Louisiana that need affordable insurance in order to help rebuild the coastal region.

  • Co-authored and sponsored the Domenici-Landrieu Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, which for the first time dedicated 37.5% of revenues generated in federal waters off the shores of Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states back to those states for use in coastal restoration and protection of the communities that support offshore energy production.

About the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council
The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council is confident that Mary Landrieu will continue her great work as a leader in the US Senate and as an advocate for the people of Louisiana.
Visit http://www.marylandrieu.com/ to learn more about Mary and her reelection campaign to represent Louisiana in the US Senate.
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