IADLC Endorses Mitch Landrieu for Mayor of New Orleans



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IADLC Endorses Mitch Landrieu

for Mayor of New Orleans

Italian American Mayor Mitch Landrieu would lead the resurgence of New Orleans 

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses Mitch Landrieu as Mayor of New Orleans. Mitch Landrieu has served as Mayor of New Orleans since 2010 and served as both the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and as a member of the US House of Representatives prior to that.

From Sicily to New Orleans

Mayor Landrieu is Italian on his mother side and his family was amongst the large wave of Sicilian immigrants that came to Louisiana during the nineteenth century. Mitch’s ethnic roots and his commitment to the city of New Orleans run deep. His maternal grandmother Olga Helen Macheca and her family lived in the large Italian community in New Orleans and his family has not left the area since. Mitch was educated at Jesuit High School of New Orleans, Catholic University in Washington D.C., and earned a law degree from Loyola University. He is the son of Mayor Moon Landrieu and Verna Landrieu and grew up the fifth of nine children in the Broadmoor neighborhood. Today, Mitch continues in the tradition of his ancestors and is raising his five children in the city as well.

Rebuilding a City to Greatness

In the past four years as Mayor, Mitch has made tremendous strides in rebuilding New Orleans to its historic grandeur. Since Mitch took office in 2010:

·         The U.S. Census labeled New Orleans the “fastest growing major American city”.

·         The Brookings Institute ranked New Orleans the #1 metro area for economic recovery.

·         The Wall Street Journal said New Orleans is the most improved city for business.

Mitch has made large efforts in reducing the instances of violent crime by launching comprehensive reform in law enforcement and crime prevention. He’s been a been a champion for continued school reform efforts, including promoting parental choice, competition, autonomy and accountability for public, charter schools.  

Prior to his tenure as Mayor, Mitch served as Louisiana's Lieutenant Governor leading the effort after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild the tourism industry and the tens of thousands of jobs it creates.

Backed by President Obama

"Today, with the city poised for even more progress, there is no question that Mitch has earned a second term as mayor - and I hope the people of New Orleans will give him one," said President Obama when officially endorsing Mitch earlier this month. Mitch faces former Civil District Judge Michael Bagneris (D), NAACP local chapter president Danatus King (D), and entertainer Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno (I) in the Feb. 1 municipal election. 

About the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council is confident that Mitch Landrieu will continue to be an advocate for the people of New Orleans.

Visit http://www.mitchlandrieu.com/ to learn more about Mitch and his reelection campaign to be the Mayor of New Orleans.

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