IADLC Endorses Gina Raimondo for Governor of Rhode Island



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IADLC Endorses Gina Raimondo

for Governor of Rhode Island

Italian American State Treasurer Gina Raimondo has the courage to get things done and will bolster the economy as the next Governor of Rhode Island

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses Gina Raimondo in her campaign to be the next Governor of Rhode Island.  

Family from Naples & Ischia

Gina Raimondo is Italian American on both sides of her family and has spent most of her life in Rhode Island, the state with the highest percentage of Italian Americans. Gina's paternal grandparents were born in Naples and her maternal grandparents were born on the island of Ischia. They immigrated at a young age but brought with them a deep appreciation of their Italian heritage and culture. Gina absorbed her familial traditions of closeness and caring, plus hard work, passion, and dedication and she is now teaching them to her children. She has also remained very active with the Italian American community; she’s involved with the National Association of Italian American Women and has spoken to the Justinian Law Society. 

The Fiscal Expertise to Get Things Done

Gina currently serves as the General Treasurer for the state and has used her background in the private sector to face the fiscal issues challenging the state head on. A graduate of Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School, Gina co-founded Point Judith Capital and worked to grow innovative small companies in high-growth industries -- including healthcare and advanced manufacturing --  helping to create over a 1000 new jobs, 

Gina decided to run for treasurer after reading about cuts to public libraries due to the state's budget difficulties. Now she is running for governor because Gina knows that Rhode Island needs a government that invests in the areas that help grow our economy and lead to opportunity for all Rhode Islanders. She’s done this as Treasurer through confronting the state’s $7 billion unfunded pension liability that threatened to overwhelm the state’s budget by enacting comprehensive reform. She is calling for common sense legislation that makes investments in the state’s economy, education and infrastructure, which are key to the state’s success.

Advocate for the People of Rhode Island

Gina has put forward a comprehensive Jobs Blueprint for Rhode Island that Gina’s builds on Rhode Island's strengths in order to get people back to work and put the state on a long-term path to economic growth. 

Gina's economic expertise is strengthened by her commitment to the myriad of issues that matter to Rhode Islanders and she will serve as an advocate for them by:

  • Working to raise the minimum wage to guarantee that those who work full time aren’t struggling to support their families.
  • Creating a statewide scholarship program & instituting loan forgiveness programs to make sure that affording tuition is never a barrier to Rhode Islanders seeking education.
  • Developing innovative paths to economic growth through infrastructure and the road and bridge funding formula which will take each city and town’s specific needs into account insuring efficiency and affordability.
  • Incentivizing the move toward green infrastructure by creating a Green Bank that offers financing and expertise to encourage individuals, businesses, and municipalities to “go green” .

About the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council is confident that Gina Raimondo will do great work protecting and promoting the interests of the people of Rhode Island.

Visit http://www.ginaraimondo.com/ to  learn more about Gina and her campaign to be the next Governor of Rhode Island.

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