Arthur Gajarsa, IADLC Chair

IADLC Endorses Natalie Tennant for re-election to Secretary of State for West Virginia

The Italian American Democratic Leadership Council (IADLC), the voice of Italian Americans in the Democratic Party, endorses Natalie Tennant for re-election to Secretary of State in West Virginia. Natalie Tennant has served two terms as Secretary of State in West Virginia.

Family from Calabria

Natalie is Italian on her mother’s side and her ancestors can be traced back to San Giovanni in Fiore, which she has travelled back to with her mother in celebration of the Feast of Saint. Natalie’s grandparents, Joe Brunetti and Catherine DeLuca came to the United States and settled in West Virginia---they were the first couple married in St. James Catholic Church in North View. Natalie’s Italian heritage was an important part of her upbringing and she fondly remembers selling pizza with her Uncle Smitty Brunetti and participating as a princess in the 1986 Italian Festival. In 2010, she was honored by the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival as the Italian American Woman of the Year.

Experienced Public Servant

Natalie began her career in broadcast journalism, anchoring the news in Clarksburg and Charleston. Later, Natalie became a small business owner when she and her husband started their own media production company, Wells Media LLC.

Natalie’s first two terms as Secretary of State has demonstrated that she’s a leader that is not afraid to break from party lines in order to put the people of West Virginia first. Since taking office in 2008, Natalie has

  • Cut the budget of her office by 20% ($3 million) by eliminating wasteful programs and spending.

  • Increased business growth and governmental efficiency by cutting red tape and increasing online filings.

  • Advocated for veterans and their families. The wife and daughter of veterans, Natalie has been committed to helping soldiers by streamlining voting abroad and in helping returning soldiers find jobs and start businesses.