Universal Pre-K for NYers!

Nationally, more than half of kindergartners are not starting school with the skills they need, and New York is no exception.  Those formative months and years are spent playing catch-up, entrenching an achievement gap that will follow many children throughout their education.  We can break that cycle with earlier learning that firms up the fundamentals so all kids start school ready to learn.

Under Mayor de Blasio’s plan, all four-year olds would have access to truly Universal Pre-K for the first time in New York City’s history, closing a gap of nearly 50,000 children who currently receive inadequate part-time Pre-K, or no Pre-K at all.  These high-quality programs are proven to increase cognition, boost scores and build fundamental skills that put children on an upward educational path.

Add your name in support of Bill's plan to show the lawmakers in Albany that we're ready to give our kids the education they deserve!

I support Bill de Blasio's Universal Pre-K Program!